. My name is Chisholm Brittain. I'm 26 years old. I'm about 5'10" tall,170 pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes. I guess when it comes to what I'm looking for I'd have to say friendship above all else.
The top three things I look for in a person would have to be honesty, intelligence, and charisma. To me, having that and honesty are what makes up the foundation of a good relationship; and that goes for any type of relationship, whether it be just friends or something a little more serious. Intelligence comes in because I like someone who knows what they want out of life; someone who is educated and that has goals and things they want to accomplish. Last but not least is Charisma. To me, this is very important. Being able to draw people close to you and having them want to be around you just because of the attitude you have and the vibe you put off. Well write and get to know me. I will stay dedicated to writing because communication is the key to a great friendship.

Date of Birth: 2/3/87
Release Date: 2045

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